The European automotive electronics is a global leader : did you know ?

By Jean-Luc Maté, VP strategy and innovation at Continental Automotive France

In France, for the general public, the electronic word is taboo. Associated with the electronic term appears hopelessly spectrum of industrial relocation to the South-east. If you want to get into this, so talk instead of "embedded system" or "digital pipeline" ("ICT" in fashion), but please don't say electronics, and especially not automotive electronics.

As a pioneer among pioneers of French automotive electronics, I am pleased to announce that global leadership in this vital sector to the attractiveness and competitiveness of the smallest of our cars and tomorrow in the most connected and autonomous is simply: EUROPEAN. Europe is a leader in product innovation and design for manufacturing affordable high volumes of electronic computers, smart sensors and mechatronic actuators. All manufacturers of electronic components and assembly machines, which surprisingly those of Southeast Asia, know that perfectly. They are therefore present closer to the manufacturers and suppliers of European and French to stay in the race.
Preparing architectures and processes to maintain the momentum of reducing cost and affordable miniaturization is a constant issue for more than 40 years for the tech industry. For it is no less than 20 computers, sensors and controlled bodies that we find today on average in each vehicle. Do the math: more than 2 billion electronic controllers will be produced this year. The stakes are huge, especially if we know that the expected growth of more than 7 to 10 % per year.

"Zero Defect", "zero compensation", a life that tolerates recycling and firm prices down. But above all flexible factories that produce in large volumes in Western Europe and in France. Did you know ?

But then these plants even when they are already the beginnings of the famous "factories of the future" that policies are desperate for re-industrialization of France? Of course, I am convinced by the return of all those (many can unfortunately) who have visited and discoveries. No other electronics industry "High Tech" on earth has achieved this level of "Best Value": cost, quality, reliability, volume and diversity. So why there is there not more funding in France the benefits of automotive electronics to aerospace, railway, naval, industrial, medical ...? They are seekers of competitiveness and failure patterns quality, but do not have the volumes to achieve them. Some think by hiring engineers learn the recipe but were quickly confronted with the reality of the volumes.

I therefore make a vow that I wish to associate particular SEE, FIEEC and ACSIEL*: communicate together with all French electronics engineers dies "High Tech" on the performance of the existing automotive electronics and those in preparation for the vehicle of the future. Give visible and known to all the industrial field and find all the tools of an intelligent and pragmatic transfer.

As shown each year on VDI German, it is the community and the network of all engineers of a nation that contributes to leadership in its industry. SIA has definitely not stopped talking about her and her jewel automotive electronics. I'll meet you at the World Congress for CESA and a networking oriented leadership.

Jean-Luc Maté is also President of the European EUREKA Cluster of professional electronics: EURIPIDES

*french organizations in the field of electronics


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