2 L/100 km and even less : the promise of french OEMS at Mondial de l'Automobile

It looks like a regular Peugeot 208. But, this concept car is much more sophisticated and above all achieves a fuel efficiency of just 2 L/100 km. The car illustrates the French government’s "New Industrial Plan" ("2 L/100 km for all"), which is an initiative of the country’s Minister for the Economy, Industrial Renewal and Digital Affairs.

To achieve such low figures, the work has been done on three main fronts : refined aerodynamics, weight saving and hybrid powertrain. PSA has chosen innovative Hybrid Air technology in combination with a PureTech 3 cylinder gasoline engine.

PSA has applied the same recipe to the new Citroën C4 Cactus. Aerodynamics solutions are highlighted by orange patterns.

Eolab* concept from Renault is even more efficient, achieving 1 L/100 km and 22g/km CO2 emissions on the official NEDC cycle, thanks to "Z.E. Hybrid" technology. This innovative plug in hybrid powertrain integrates a 1.0-litre 3-cylinder 75 hp SCe petrol engine, a 40 kW electric motor, a 6.7 kWh battery with 66km range, and an innovative patented clutchless 3-gear transmission.

Weight saving has been huge : 400 kg on the Eolab, thanks to a multi-material body shell combining steel, aluminium and composites, as well as a remarkable magnesium roof.

On the aerodynamics side, french OEMS have applied an active front spoiler, active rear flaps and active wheels (which react to brake temperature to maximise Cd). By the way, concept cars use new narrow and tall Michelin tyres.

A common point also to all cars : side mirrors have been replaced by thin cameras.

2 L/100 km and even less : impressive, but when shall we see such sober cars on the market ? Some of the solutions should be applied in the next three to four years. Renault says that 100 innovations have been developed and will come to production cars in the future.

*which takes its name from combining the name of "Aeolous" God and Ruler of the Winds in Greek mythology, and "Laboratory"


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