CESA abstract : Next Generation Smart Sensing (Elmos)

Elmos Semiconductor AG, the world's leading supplier of ultrasonic ICs for parking assistant systems and semi-automated parking aids, is developing its next generation optical sensors for advanced driver assistant systems.

Based on its unique HALIOS(R) technology currently used for HMI center stack applications, ground classification, lane departure warning, rain-light sensors, and others, Elmos will provide a new automotive IR sensor IC, which will operate independent of the target's degree of reflectivity.

The sensor provides an absolute distance information which is very accurate and fast. The sensing principle is immune against ambient light for very robust and reliable measurement results. When connected to a booster IC the technology can measure long distances enabling applications such as blind spot detection, side distance warning, autonomous parking assist, traffic jam drive control, fog detection and many other automotive applications.

The Elmos solution is unique and patented. First prototypes will become available end of 2014 !


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