Paris celebrating the connected car at Mondial de l'Automobile

Wow : those who don't believe to the connected car should come to Paris and make a stop to Porte de Versailles. As an example, the brand new Espace from Renault offers a 8,7" tablet in the center console. Not as huge as the Tesla Model S, but big enough to display with a great comfort navigation and apps (Coyote road alerts, Michelin POIs, social networks, e-mail reading...) from the R-Link store.

The Espace also comes with a HUD. Many other cars have adopted the same feature, including Land Rover with a laser technology.

An example of augmented reality at Coyote. The french provider of road alerts has integrated a camera on its news device and offers data fusion, in order to enhance the driving experience. Advices coming from a community of 2,5 millions drivers are displayed in a realistic way. The camera also records and helps in case of accident, to determine the responsabilities.

On the show, we can see that the smartphone takes the control. Volkswagen extends by example MirrorLink on the new Passat, allowing this way the replication of the mobile's menus on the on-board screen. Volvo is the only one to offer both CarPlay from Apple and Android Auto on its news XC 90.

What if you could have a remote control of your car, with a special app ? Valeo shows how the mobile phone can get data from the vehicle, lock and unlock doors and even start the car. With InBlue virtual key, the owner can share the car and send a code to friends or colleagues. Bluetooth connectiviy is enough to get access to the car.

At DS, the premium brand from Citroën, this is a similar app. DS Connect allows the owner to choose who is able to drive the cars as well, and in which area. Graphics are just superb.

To be honest, the connected car is visible on almost every booth. There are so many applications that it would take too long to tell the whole story. In short, 4 G is there, OEMs are offering apps and cloud services, and the next step is for sure the autonomous and connected car.


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