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Dr. Schöner from Daimler to discuss automated vehicles at CESA 3.0

Dr. Hans-Peter Schöner from Daimler will participate to CESA 3.0. On december 4th, he will make a presentation about "Challenges and Approaches for Testing of Highly Automated Vehicles". He will also join the same day a panel session dedicated to standards, tests and validation.

This expert studied electrical engineering at Rwth in Aachen (Germany) and at Purdue University (USA). He received a PHD degree from Rwth Aachen for his thesis on “monitoring of batteries for electrical vehicles”.

Since 1989 he has been working for Daimler AG, first in the research field of actuators, mechatronics and new power supply systems. Since 2004, he is responsible for the development of new testing methods for chassis and driver assistance systems, as well as for setting up research vehicles in this field.

Since 2012, he is also head of the Daimler driving simulator center in Sindelfingen.

CESA abstract : first monolithic processor for forward looking camera for A and B segment (Infineon)

EuroNCAP has enhanced its assessment procedure by adding test scenarios that require the use of ADAS. After having analysed more than 5 million accidents, IIHS is reporting that 23% of fatalities can be avoided by lane warning system and 8% of fatalities can be avoided by adaptive headlight systems.

The challenge now for the supply chain in automotive is to provide the ADAS systems that meet EuroNCAP requirements. Radar and Camera are the key technologies to be used here and depending on the car segment, different configurations can be identified.

For A and B segment cars, an approach becoming popular is to have one forward looking Radar, supporting autonomous emergency brake for forward collision and pedestrian, and one forward looking camera for lane departure. Forward looking camera allows limited space for the electronic and low thermal budget so that monolithic processor is the preferred choice. In order to enable the design of a monolithic processor covering high beam assist an…

Legal aspects of autonomous driving to be discussed at CESA 3.0

As you may already know, autonomous driving will be one of the major highlights of our congress, in early december in Paris. There will be for instance a panel session dedicated to the new usage of cars with automation, on the 3rd in the afternoon.

During this session, CESA 3.0 will welcome a presentation made by a french lawyer, Yvon Martinet from DS Avocats*. He's an expert in the field of autonomous driving and is working closely with the french institute VeDeCoM on legal aspects.

Mr Martinet will make an update on the regulation, both in the USA and in Europe, where several countries have decided to propose admendments to the Vienna convention.

The french lawyer will participate as well to the panel and will answer to all questions regarding legal aspects and responsibility in case of failure.

If you're interested in autonomous cars and want to learn some more on regulation evolution, don't hesitate : register and come to CESA 3.0 congress !

*with the help of a collea…

CESA 3.0 bonus : the draft from a exclusive report "Photonics in Automotive" available for commenting !

This a nice initiative from EPIC (European Photonics Industry Consortium). Carlos Lee, Director General, who will be a speaker in the panel session "key technbologies for modern cars", wants to share with the community of CESA 3.0 a brochure titled “Photonics in Automotive”.

The purpose is to offer an overview of the photonics technologies relevant to the automotive industry, it is meant as an informative brochure that is easy to read, and will encourage the automotive industry to engage more with the suppliers of photonic technologies.

The brochure will be released at CESA, but at this stage, we welcome your comments and you can contact EPIC at this adress :

*The draft brochure may be downloaded from this link

Richard Bishop will discuss the automotive electronics worldwide market at CESA 3.0

Principal from Bishop Consulting, Richard Bishop will participate to CESA 3.0. You will hear from him on december 3rd, in the first round table about worldwide market.

This expert specializes in the domain of intelligent, connected, and automated vehicles and how these interact with the roadway and transportation system, plus larger societal forces. He provides global trends analysis and research strategy development to a wide range of vehicle manufacturers, technology developers, and government agencies around the world.

He currently serves as Vehicle Automation Expert for the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, plus supports USDOT’s involvement in the Tri-Lateral Working Group on Road Vehicle Automation. He was recently named chair of the American Trucking Association’s Task Force on Automated Driving and Platooning.

Prior to establishing Bishop Consulting, Mr. Bishop was Program Manager for Vehicle-Highway Automation at the USDOT Federal Highway Administration.…

The new Ford Mondeo is able to detect pedestrians

Fitted on the new Mondeo, Ford’s new Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection can detect people in or near the road ahead, or who may cross the vehicle’s path. The system processes information collected from a windshield-mounted camera, and a radar located in the bumper, and checks it against a database of “pedestrian shapes” to help distinguish people from typical roadside scenery and objects.

If a pedestrian is detected in front of the car, and a collision becomes imminent, the driver will first receive an audible and visual warning. Should the driver not respond, the system then shortens the time required to apply the brakes by reducing the gap between brake pads and discs. If there is still no response from the driver the brakes are applied automatically and the vehicle speed is reduced.

Engineers tested the system on closed circuits using rigs fitted with life-size dummies. They also spent months testing and refining the system on roads around the world to prove system …

A tablet PC to win from CESA 3.0 partner ESG !

ESG is one of the partners of CESA 3.0. The company, which is involved in the organization comittee, will showcase its innovations.

The company will have two speakers during the event, including Jörg Klauck, manager o the technical cluster « Test & Integration » and Thierry Bouqier, in charge of embedded software activities.

 ESG will also have a booth in the exhibition space. We recomend you to stop by, not only to discover the latest innovations, but also because there is a Galaxy Tab Pro tablet PC to win.

The only condition is to let your business card during your visit.

STMicroelectronics and Autotalks team up for V2X mass deployments

As the drive to realize V2X communications - Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) - gathers pace, STMicroelectronics and Israel-based Autotalks (a V2X-chipset market pioneer and leader in the first wave of V2X deployments), have announced that they are cooperating to deliver a mass market-optimized V2X chipset for widespread deployment by 2017.

Both partners will discuss that point during CESA 3.0 in Paris.

The collaboration enables both parties to leverage complementary technologies and resources. Autotalks brings extensive semiconductor, system, and software experience in V2X and associated know-how in security, mobility, communication, RF, signal processing, and positioning. ST offers chip-design expertise in areas such as communications and navigation, with advanced manufacturing capabilities, in addition to extensive strategic partnerships and longevity with all of the automotive tiers to enable broader market evaluation and accelerate adoption of the nex…

Register for the CESA 3.0 VIP tour on december 2nd

The CESA congress, in partnership with the PRE agency, is delighted to invite our foreign visitors to participate to a VIP Business Tour, on December 2nd.

The tour will begin by a meeting at STMicroelectronics headquarters, in Paris.

Then, our guests will have a fantastic opportunity to visit the Renault Technocentre, one of the most emblematic & innovative automotive sites in the Paris Region. This research center is working on autonomous vehicles and multimedia systems.

A VIP networking buffet will be organized at the CESA exhibition center (Beffroi de Montrouge, in the south of Paris) at the end of the tour.

Click here for more details :

France creates an international research chair on automated vehicles

MINES ParisTech, France’s leading academic institution by volume of contractual research, today announces the creation of an international automotive research chair in partnership with manufacturers Valeo, PSA Peugeot Citroën and Safran.

Baptized “Automated Vehicles- Drive for You”, the chair will unite researchers from MINES ParisTech's Robotics Centre with teams from international partner institutions — Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China, the University of California, Berkeley in the United States and Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland.

Supported by the MINES ParisTech Foundation, with the manufacturers contributing €3.7 million in funds, the chair will work for five years on the topic of automated driving to :
- Expand knowledge of self-driving vehicles
- Develop intelligent onboard systems.
- Get self-driving vehicles on the road in Asia, Europe and the United States.

Dont miss the last opportunities to be a sponsor of CESA 3.0

In one month, CESA 3.0 will be held in the south of Paris. This unique and international event will bring together more than 400 participants (directors, managers, heads of department, engineers, researchers and technicians). An exceptional line-up of guests and speakers will be present for the occasion.

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Companies such as AVL, Continental Automotive, Infineon, STMicroelectronics, TE Connectivity and Vector are partners of the event.

 Great names of automotive industry have also booked to be in the exhibition space, including PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault, Continental, ST, Valeo Vector, AVL, Bertrandt, ESG, IAV, Mentor Graphics, TE Connectivity, HRS (Hirose Electric Europe), Serma Technologies, Verifysoft Technology, Tyco, Qtronic, IPG and two french clusters (Mov'éo and Automotech).