CESA 3.0 bonus : the draft from a exclusive report "Photonics in Automotive" available for commenting !

This a nice initiative from EPIC (European Photonics Industry Consortium). Carlos Lee, Director General, who will be a speaker in the panel session "key technbologies for modern cars", wants to share with the community of CESA 3.0 a brochure titled “Photonics in Automotive”.

The purpose is to offer an overview of the photonics technologies relevant to the automotive industry, it is meant as an informative brochure that is easy to read, and will encourage the automotive industry to engage more with the suppliers of photonic technologies.

The brochure will be released at CESA, but at this stage, we welcome your comments and you can contact EPIC at this adress : carlos.lee@epic-assoc.com

*The draft brochure may be downloaded from this link


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