CESA abstract : first monolithic processor for forward looking camera for A and B segment (Infineon)

EuroNCAP has enhanced its assessment procedure by adding test scenarios that require the use of ADAS. After having analysed more than 5 million accidents, IIHS is reporting that 23% of fatalities can be avoided by lane warning system and 8% of fatalities can be avoided by adaptive headlight systems.

The challenge now for the supply chain in automotive is to provide the ADAS systems that meet EuroNCAP requirements. Radar and Camera are the key technologies to be used here and depending on the car segment, different configurations can be identified.

For A and B segment cars, an approach becoming popular is to have one forward looking Radar, supporting autonomous emergency brake for forward collision and pedestrian, and one forward looking camera for lane departure. Forward looking camera allows limited space for the electronic and low thermal budget so that monolithic processor is the preferred choice. In order to enable the design of a monolithic processor covering high beam assist and lane departure warning, several innovations are required - Camera interface with pixel preprocessing to reduce RAM and CPU requirements to fit monolithic silicon - Multibuffered image acquisition memory to allow concurrent acquisition and full performance processing - HW support to facilitate ECU development and automotive instrumentation

After an introduction on EuroNCAP, the presentation will show the potential life savings of ADAS. It will then show the potential Radar / Camera configurations for EuroNCAP. MCU computing requirements for Radar and Camera will be also showed so that people understand the rational for the Radar/Camera configuration for A and B segment. It will then show the challenges and innovations required for a monolithic processor for image processing for high beam assist and lane departure warning.


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