Test drive with Eolab : the one liter car from Renault

CESA blog already mentioned the three concept cars from the french OEMS, showing the way to very sober cars. The aim was to achieve 2 L/100 km, thanks to lightweight construction, aerodynamics and hybrid powertrain. During the Paris Motor Show, we had the opportunity to make a test drive of the Renault Eolab.

It's an impressive demo car, with a fuel comsumption of only 1 L/100 km, thanks to plug in hybrid technology.

On Mortefontaine test track, a facility located in the north of Paris, near Roissy airport, we have made one lap behind the wheel. The result is promising with 1,58 L/100 km...

Under the hood, Eolab combines a gasoline 3 cylinder engine (the 57 kW one from the new Twingo), an electric motor of 50 kW and a 6,7 kWh lithium-ion battery. One of the key elements is a 3 speed gearbox with no clutch, but acting like a double clutch transmission. This innovative powertrain allows up to 60km electric range for a maximum speed of 120 kph.

With Eolab Renault sets the goal of making such a car accessible to masses by 2020.

Check out our pictures from the car and the technologies : https://s.joomeo.com/543e8406d54ce 

If you want to learn some more, here is the corporate video :


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