CESA abstract : High customer acceptance through functional integration in HMI systems (Proof Technologies)

Newly defined customer expectations want full access of interaction to the world outside of their car with all kind of benefits and additional functions. Beside new technical methods to assist human machine interaction, nowadays connectivity functions not just impact future user interfaces but also new designs and layouts of drivers activity areas focus on ease of use and simplifying the task of interaction.

The addiction of everyday’s life connection to the world of internet affects driving, the safety of passengers as well as other people in yet non-automated guided vehicle systems. This requires all kind of new technical solutions and offers automotive engineers and designers new challenges giving full accessibility to the world outside of the car by integration functions into the next generation of HMI systems.

Simplifying the usage by harmonizing full access without compromising and supporting the driver in his responsible tasks is just one known goal. The main future goal is the termination of insuring the security for the car owner, solutions for the integrity data and the answer to unpermitted observations including permanent transparency of non-relevant informations.


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