The virtual tow from Honda

A few weeks ago, during ITS world congress in Detroit, Honda has unveiled a new concept called V2V "Virtual Tow"? It utilizes connected car technology to empower a driver to assist another driver in distress.

How does it work ?

The driver in need of assistance is able to alert surrounding vehicles to the need for assistance, at which point an assisting driver can virtually link up and "tow" the vehicle - with the trailing vehicle taking its driving cues from the lead vehicle via connected-car (V2V) technology and automated system.

Then, it's possible to bring the driver in need for assistance- to a location where the driver can receive emergency services, such as a hospital.

Honda also showed some other technologies :

- Automated Highway Driving : automated vehicle steering and braking and the capability for automated freeway entry, exit, lane change and other sophisticated maneuvers.

- Lane-level Hazard information plus Automated Lane Change : using a combination of connected car and cloud communication technology to detect and inform the drivers of a hazard in a lane with a live image of the hazard detail. Upon receiving the detailed information the trailing vehicle can perform an automated lane change and continue smooth driving without interruption.

- Vehicle-to-Pedestrian/Bicycle ; using dedicated short range communications (DSRC)-based communication between the vehicle and the pedestrian or bicycle rider's compatible smart phone (with proprietary V2P/B application), Honda V2P/B technology alerts both the driver and pedestrian/bicycle rider to a potential collision, and allows the driver and pedestrian/bicycle rider to exchange courteous messages.

- Vehicle-to-Motorcycle : using communications between the vehicle and motorcycle Honda V2M technology will alert the driver and rider of a potential collision.


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