CESA abstract : Cooperative - Collision Warning Application for proving ground safety assistance (IDIADA)

Collision warning applications are object of several research programs for active safety systems development. The vehicle traffic increment in IDIADA Proving Grounds’ High Speed Track forces to increase the system safety to provide a harmless scenario for its users.

As Collision Warning Application is one of the most demanded safety technologies within our daily activities, it is important to consider the application flexibility in order to adapt the algorithm to different types of tracks, and not only on our proving ground tracks, but also in urban and interurban roads.

In 2011, rear end collision, traffic jam, and multiple accidents caused 22,11 % (191) deaths in moving vehicles scenarios.

For this reason, a more interactive system capable of warning the driver is needed. This system also has to be suitable for new and legacy vehicle models in our tracks and for this reason the information provided from a GNSS receiver is used as input data for the hazard event evaluation. The 802.11p link layer wireless technology will be used to communicate the vehicles due to its low latency and robustness.


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