CESA abstract : the smart connected seat (Faurecia)

Today’s Automotive industry is vastly aligned on the premises that current society’s evolution on ways to communicate, manage data, and interact with intelligent objects is going to define the future vehicle – life on board - services and the corresponding interior’s performance value.

In fact, synchronized with the technological evolution, the way how population establishes relations between among intelligent objects (nomadic devices and home appliance, vehicle, etc.) is changing extremely fast towards extensive “self” concept and setting basis for new era of customer satisfaction requirements. Aging and Youngers car users of today are getting used , in the aside connected world of the car, to customized propositions, that allow multitasking, that provides them an Eco systemic functionality always available, symbiotic and interactive, a life companion (quantified self) that cares about.

The Seat as part of this new Car interior is an essential enabler of such revolution as provides the unique opportunity to be one the closest vehicle part to the occupant and the first one in body contact surface, providing closed loop actions and information needed or supporting the- Life on Board- Services. It will be all about the move from a commodity undergoing a predefined set of car dealer options (manual/powered, memory, heat level 1 to 4, etc..), to the key enabler of a new human centric interior experience, allowing fast customization for Multi-user cars and providing connected services and options with possibly extensions to the aftermarket.

Faurecia has developed a Smart Connected Seat, in association with Renault for the Next Two autonomous concept car. It features electric controls that allow its settings to be adapted to different drivers. This smart seat uses a database stored on the Cloud to determine the ideal settings as a function of the driver’s build. A Health & Wellbeing application controls the smart seat which features a ‘relax’ mode, along with a range of multi-sensorial ambiences (lighting, audio, scent) that also help occupants to wind down and enjoy their journey safely, while the vehicle looks after the driving itself.


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