CESA abstract : Connected Vehicle – a Safe Bet ! (NXP)

Electronics have resulted in major advances in the automotive sector in the past 15 years. And with the emergence of the Internet of things, there is now an entirely new development –the connected car.

The car collects and analyzes vast volumes of data and shares it with other vehicles (“car-to-car”) or with the infrastructure (“car-to-infrastructure”). This allows vehicles to build up a dynamic model of their environment. The car learns more about the current traffic situation than the driver is able to, resulting in entirely new opportunities for additional active safety, comfort, and eco-friendliness.

The new possibilities offered by the connected car lead to the vision of a self-driving car which is able to negotiate even complex traffic situations both independently and safely. Incorporating the vehicle into the Internet of things results in entirely new challenges that are to a large extent familiar from the networked digital consumer world.

The topic of security is of paramount importance: this relates to both data security (protection of privacy) and the related functional safety of the entire vehicle/infrastructure system. The various RF interfaces in particular have to meet highest possible security requirements, as remote key, telematics, car-to-X, and entertainment systems are all potential targets of manipulation.


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