mercredi 17 septembre 2014

Divine DS : haute couture concept with a high-tech cockpit

PSA will unveil at Paris motor show a vision of the future for the DS brand, combining sophistication with advanced technology.

For instance, the cabin of Divine DS showcases its in-car technologies, with a cockpit driving position featuring an array of digital functions.

First, the controls of Divine DS are grouped on a HD Touch Drive interface with a spectacular 10.4 inch screen. Located on the overhead console, this multifunction screen frees up space on the dashboard and includes a function that replaces the rear-view mirror.

Driver information is in digital form, with a head-up display above the steering wheel showing essential driving information. This panel is completed by a holographic display behind the steering wheel – complete with a 3D readout that lets the driver view navigation information, for example, without taking their eyes off the road.

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  1. The French auto manufacturer Citroen has furnished the car with superb elegant interiors. Also having high-tech entertainment system makes it different than others. Cars at Paris Motor Show 2014 are going to rock the auto world for sure and going to prove a tough competitor for other existing cars of the world.