Solutions for improved mileage of fully electric vehicles

During the final review of the European research project OpEneR*, last July in Vigo, Spain, Bosch and PSA presented collaboratively developed driving strategies and driver assistance systems that will significantly improve the efficiency and safety of both electric and hybrid vehicles in the future.

The aim was to increase driving range without enlarging the battery.

Engineers and researchers have worked to improve the electrical powertrain, the regenerative braking system, the navigation system, and the surround sensors, as well as on functions that connect these elements with each other.

One task was the development of “eco routing”. Thanks to the navigation system, that continuously takes in account the car's real energy consumption, test drives demonstrated energy consumption savings of up to 30 percent in return for a longer travel time of just 14 percent.

The OpEneR team has worked also on improved map data and car to infrastructure communication, in order to create a eHorizon and to improve the ACC and coasting functions. So that, the car could switch to idle and save energy.

The two fully operational electric vehicles they have built have already demonstrated an impressive potential for making driving in real conditions more economical.

*Optimal energy consumption and recovery based on a system network


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