Ford launches a global challenge based on apps for a better mobility

Ford just launched its Innovate Mobility Challenge Series, inviting the developer and ‘maker’ communities to come together to find innovative mobility solutions in eight different locations* around the world. Each challenge was designed to address a specific issue, such as good deliveries, commuting, parking or health services.

Developers are invited to use Ford’s OpenXC program. It's a non-production, open-source, software and hardware platform using real-time vehicle data. 15 types of vehicle data are available, including those related to vehicle speed, engine speed, fuel-level, and things like whether or not the windshield wipers are on or if a door is open. The aim is to integrate this real-time vehicle information into apps that relate to sustainability and mobility issues, whether by incorporating the data into existing apps or creating new apps from scratch.

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*Portugal, Los Angeles, United States, and Mumbai, India, before moving on to Delhi and the Chennai region in India, Shanghai, China, Johannesburg, South Africa, and a countrywide challenge in Argentina.


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