CESA abstract : accelerated and cost effective deployment of V2X solution (Autotalks)

V2X communication is making its way to series-production, fulfilling the vision of zero-fatalities safety and lower emissions enhanced mobility. However, the technology value is heavily dependent on penetration rate acceleration, which can only be achieved by applying built-to-cost solutions that can be quickly introduced to market.

Following experience gained from several design cycles, Autotalks obtained a deep understanding of the contributors to high system cost. The contributors will be presented, as well as the methods to eliminate those. Applying all the considerations will yield a cost-optimized system that can be easily adapted to any specific use-case.

Quick introduction is a factor of development and testing time and risk. Pre-integrated software, elaborated hardware reference design, mature solution and engineering support can shorten significantly the schedule and minimize the risk. An example of quick design cycle will be analyzed.

The presentation will be concluded by exhibiting several project samples, including integrated V2X antenna solution, V2X road-side-unit and loosely integrated and deeply integrated V2X retrofit units.


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