P2P carsharing : the future of the autonomous vehicle ?

According to Techneo, a consulting company that conducted a survey for Deways, one of the french peer to peer carsharing providers, the autonomous vehicle will not be a substitute to the personal car. But, it may be a competitor for taxis and private chauffeurs.

The survey argues that an automated vehicle would be much more easy to operate, for P2P carsharing. The car would be able to go by itself and to meet customers that would like to rent it.

A conventional car stays 90 % of the time parked. So, just imagine how it would be more flexible - and more profitable too - to rent it when it"s automated.

Techneo determined several profiles of the autonomous vehicle. For example, the personal one, the family one, the shared one and the delivery one. The conclusion is that the future of the autonomous vehicle belong to carsharing, wether the vehicle be partially or totally shared.


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