Safeplatoon : driverless cars running in France in 2013

CESA 2012 partner, the cluster Véhicule du Futur backs an innovative project called Safeplatoon.
Involving the university of technology of Belfort-Montbéliard, this project aims to develop strong algorithms in order to enable driverless cars to run in real life traffic. Automated vehicles could then drive in the streets and park by themselves. The technology could be used by the automotive industry, and also for military and agriculture applications.
3D simulation will be used, thanks to Pro-Sivic platform from Paris based company Civitec, before practical tests.
Started in 2011, Safeplatoon is a 36 months project. All partners, such as LASMEA and Ligier, have already developed automated vehicles.
A showcase is scheduled in 2013 in the streets of Belfort, in the eastern part of France.

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  1. wonderful technology, these vehicle technology is really changing new generation automotive use.


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