PFA : a task force for the french automotive industry

In french, PFA stands for Plateforme de la Filière Automobile (Automotive Industry Platform). This organisation has been created in 2009, in order to facilitate the relationship between OEMs and suppliers and to prepare the migration towards a more efficient industry.

Headed by former Michelin chairman, Michel Rollier, the PFA has several working groups.

In a recent report, transmitted to public authorities, the organisation has listed 5 top priorities :
- To move towards a mobility focused industry with a new R&D tool (which is VeDeCom Institute, a place dedicated to software development, energy management, automated driving)
- To prepare the factory of the future, more flexible in order to meet requirements for a much more segmented demand
- To better share the "high tech best cost" vision, in order to improve France's competitiveness with Techno Parcs and clusters
- To have clear priority roadmaps for R&D with a better coordination at the national level
- To reshape the R&D eco system with a simplified access and an efficient financing

Link (in french) :
PFA website :


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