79 GHz takes the lead in Europe

On 10 May 2012, the 79 GHz consortium will hold its first Plenary Meeting in Boras, Sweden. It will be the opportunity to give an overview of the achievements and of the work that has been carried on at global level.

This event will present the activities with vehicle manufacturers and automotive supplier associations, the latest results from the MOSARIM EU Project, as well as radar bandwidth requirements for new ADAS functions.

79 GHz is a European research project under the Seventh Framework Programme. The aim is to establish a global, world-wide available and harmonized frequency allocation for vehicular radars. Today, the 79 GHz radar equipment is only authorized in the 27 EC member states, in most of the further 21 CEPT countries, in Singapore and Australia. In all other countries the operation of 79 GHz radar devices is not possible due to the lack of any regulatory framework for this frequency band.

Link : http://www.79ghz.eu/


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