Former french minister of environment : EVs are necessary

In an statement for France Mobilité Electrique, the web site of Avere France*, former minister Jean-Louis Borloo says that EVs are absolutely necessary.
More than two years after the launch of french national plan for electro mobility, the first vehicles are hitting the market. Thanks to companies and public authorities, thousands of units have been ordered for the next 4 years. But, Jean-Louis Borloo claims for a faster adoption. The target is to cut the CO2 emissions of 3 % by 2020, saving 17,5 millions of tons compared to 2007.
According to Mr Borloo, EVs should account for 27 % of the whole market by 2025. In 2030, incomes from the development of clean cars should represent 15 billions euros, saving in the same time jobs in the automotive industry.

*An association promoting EVs and electromobility


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