CESA 2012 interview : Guillaume Devauchelle (Valeo) part 2

For CESA 2012, R&D director from Valeo speaks about the connected car and applications from smartphones.

"The connected car offers a new range of opportunities to increase safety & comfort as well as to reduce CO2 consumption. We are working on the embedded devices that will enable the car to be connected to its environment using all available wireless standards (GSM, LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, RF...). We see the crucial role that the connected mobility of the end-user will have in this new paradigm.

We already demonstrated some examples on how the car's systems could evolve : last September 2011 with Park4 Remote at the IAA in Franckfurt (autonomous Parking Manoeuvre with a remote control on a smartphone) and in the first quarter of 2012 with eSkin (connected display of the future that allows you to use safely your smartphone computing power while driving for off-board navigation for example) and many more to come...

Valeo firmly believes that connected Driving Assistance systems will also further contribute to C02 reduction by reducing the travel time (increased flow, quick & direct access to parking) and by optimizing the powertrain energy management thanks to the available extended horizon offered by connectivity".

To be continued with next Valeo and Hybrid4All.


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