Smart mobility discussed at ITS Congress in Helsinki

Finland aims to become a model country for sustainable transport by 2020. To reach this goal, it will put on the road more and more clean vehicles. But, part of the solution is technology.

For instance, a Smart Transport Corridor is under development between Helsinki and St. Petersburg to enhance the fluency of traffic across the border between Finland and Russia, while improving transport safety and the travel experience. First to be introduced will be real-time road weather and driving conditions information service, an automatic system issuing bulletins and warnings on traffic disruption, a real-time traffic and congestion information service and a public transport information service.

By the way, the finnish research transport centre VTT is very active in European projet DRIVE C2X (services based on data transfer between vehicles), coordinated by Daimler.

On the other hand, Finland is working on Smart transport solutions which can help the travellers to select several service options and to easily combine them into suitable travel chains : private car, on foot, bicycle, bus, taxi, demand responsive transport, carpooling, car and transport joint use, tram, metro, train or aeroplane.


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