New challenges for connected and driverless cars being discussed at OECD forum

Starting today, OECD is organizing an International Transport Forum hosted in Leipzig (Germany). One of the highlights is a panel session about the impact of new technologies and shifting attitudes.

Speakers are Jean Todt (President of FIA), Thomas Beermann (CEO of Car2Go), Andreas Mai (Director, Smart Connected Vehicles at Cisco Systems), Milan Nedeljkovic (Managing Director of the BMW Plant in Leipzig), Olof Persson (President and CEO, AB Volvo) and Kazuhiro Doi (Head of Nissan Research Center, Nissan Motor Co).

Here are a few points to be discussed :

How is vehicle use changing : is there a shifting balance between shared and private ownership of cars, and what are the changing demands of younger generations ?
What are the regulatory and technological issues relating to advances in connected and driverless vehicles ?
How and under what conditions is the shift to smaller vehicles providing positive benefits for society ?
Will the emergence of new services leveraging advances in IT and autonomous driving blur the lines between the public and private provision of transport ?

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