Audi R18 e-tron quattro : a connected racing car for Le Mans

Some of you may think there's no link with our congress. true. But, it's about automotive electronics and connectivity by the way and it will happen in France also.

At the 24 Hours of Le Mans, in june, the engineers from Audi will constantly monitor their race cars. Whether it concerns the functionality of the systems, compliance with the regulations or information that is important for strategic reasons, the race car will continually diagnoses its condition and reports it to the team garage.

For this purpose, the LMP1 sports car is equipped with an array of CAN Bus systems which interlink a wide range of electronic control units (ECUs). Sophisticated sensors measure various parameters, such as suspension and acceleration data, temperatures and pressures, or information in the area of energy management, to generate a database for the ECUs.

The R18 e-tron quattro has a master system control unit that is primarily responsible for engine and hybrid control and additionally communicates with the other control units in the race car – such as the ECUs for the transmission, clutch actuators, windshield wipers and the laser beam headlights.

The race car has a direct online connection to the computers in the team garage. It is used for high-speed data transmission in real time for operating conditions, such as temperatures, that do not require a high transfer rate.

This makes it possible to effectively transfer limited data volumes for a general assessment of the car’s condition. In contrast, the sports car gathers detailed data on each race lap and transmits it via a burst signal when the car drives past the pit lane. Data volumes of more than 20 megabytes are generated per lap, depending on the measurement configuration – equating to more than 10,000 A4 size pages.

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