New automated safety features on Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen will introduce Traffic Jam Assist and Emergency Assist in the new Passat as a world premiere.

The first system is based on Lane Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). It enables assisted lateral and longitudinal guidance. Staying in the middle of its lane, the car steers, accelerates and brakes automatically at speeds below 60 km/h, but only under the condition that the driver's hands are on the steering wheel.

In addition, Volkswagen conceptualised the new Emergency Assist.

If the driver shows no steering activity or just a little, Traffic Jam Assist notices this via Lane Assist. In this case, the system gives an acoustic warning along with a message in the multifunction display requesting that the driver take over control of the car. If the driver does not react to this request, an extended request to take control of the new Passat is made with a brief but very noticeable brake jolt.

If there is no answer, the Emergency Assist steps into action. The car is kept in its own lane and slow braking is initiated. At the same time, the hazard flasher light is activated. The deceleration remains constant until the Passat is stationary.


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