Windows in the car : smartphone mirroring based on MirrorLink

During Build 2014*, Microsoft demonstrated a Windows Phone car connectivity solution based on the MirrorLink connectivity and integration standard.

The technology allows for the replication of the screen and controls of a Windows Phone device on to the head unit of the car. Invented by Nokia, this solution is already available in a number of handsets, most notably select device in the Sony Xperia line.

The smartphone centric approach is also being taken by Apple with its Car Play solution.

Microsoft has already developed a number of automotive solutions over the years, the majority of which have been based in Windows CE (e.g. Sync with Ford, or Fiat with Blue & Me). These solutions have been based on a stand alone computing/content delivery platform inside the car, essentially as stand alone systems.

Microsoft suggested that both smartphone mirroring (MirroLink) and In Vehicle Infotainment (Sync) would compliment each other, both solutions in the same car giving the "best of both worlds".

*A developer conference


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