Electronic sound and well being : a new approach from PSA

PSA Peugeot Citroën has developed a new driving experience calling on the senses of vehicle passengers.

Sound is one of them.

Thanks to electronics and software, PSA offers sound spatialisation in the cabin. Based on the digital processing of sound signals, this technology makes it possible to simulate the location and movement of sound sources.

That means that virtual sound sources can be recreated and manipulated anywhere in space. The sound can be positioned or even moved, in coherence with the message or the location concerned.

For instance, if the navigation systems says "turn right", the driver will get the sound on the right at the same time.

Vincent Roussarie, digital audio research engineer at PSA, says : "Sound spatialisation technology is advantageous on three levels: intelligible messages, sound quality and functional efficiency, since vocal information and sound location reinforce one another for increased driver safety".


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