Mini Connected XL Journey Mate : a co-pilot in your car

Starting from this month, Mini offers a clever new app that not only helps the driver with navigation, but also supplies individually tailored information on the road. It's a merger of data stored in the car and entries stored on the smartphone.

Apple iPhone users can plan a trip on their mobile phone, taking into account calendar entries and any appointments they have at their destination. As soon as the smartphone is connected, the Mini Connected XL Journey Mate calculates whether there is enough fuel for the trip and highlights service stations en route, indicates the expected time of arrival and gives weather information.

The app also assists the driver in locating parking spaces, and directs him on foot to reach his final destination. All this and Real Time Traffic Information is displayed on the Mini's 8.8-inch on-board monitor.

The system is navigable via the new Touch Controller and multifunctional steering wheel buttons and is intuitive and simple to use.


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