French autonomous vehicle plan : a reference in Europe ?

CESA 3.0 congress will be the opportunity for all the foreign visitors to discover the french autonomous vehicle plan. It's one of the 34 national plans defined by the governement, covering several aspects of the industry (aeronautics, factory of the future, energy storage...) with the aim to conquer new market shares on the international market and to create new jobs.

The autonomous vehicle is one of the top priorities.

The plan is coordinated by Renault, with Carlos Ghosn as a project leader.

At CESA 3.0, you will hear from Jean-François Sencerin, Deputy VP, Research, Engineering Innovation. As a delegate* of Renault-Nissan CEO, he will explain how the french OEMs work together, with the suppliers and the research community, in order to prepare affordable autonomous vehicles for 2020.

This initiative relies on three pillars : testing, artificial intelligence and safety management in complex systems.

The car is mainly concerned by the plan, with a research focused on sensors, digital maps, software and the human machine interface, including legal aspects, use cases and testing. But, the plan also covers other vehicles, such as industrial vehicles and public transportation. This is why it is so unique in Europe.

Mr Sencerin will present the roadmap during the panel session "new usage of cars with automation".

*He is currently in charge to manage "vehicle intelligence" department and "New Face of Industry Plan about Autonomous Driving" operationally


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