High quality and international papers for CESA 3.0

The picture shows a part of the selection team (some colleagues had already given their vote before by phone). It shows us after the selection process, which was not easy, as we had to choose the lucky 28 papers for presentation against almost the same number of unlucky ones. It took us quite some time, as the quality of the submitted proposals was excellent and very international.

In the next days we will publish the result. Nevertheless, we can already say that we had a equal distribution of submissions between France and the rest of the world. This distribution could be kept. This shall contribute to the image of CESA to be an international event.

Amongst the papers selected we will see of course the local VIPs like PSA, Renault, Valeo and Faurecia, but also some SMEs. Foreign representatives will come from Germany, Israel, Spain and Austria with Daimler, AVL or ESG.

In order to honor the quality of the not selected submissions, the committee decided to offer them the possibility to prepare a poster and to participate at a very preferential rate at the CESA congress.

We will also offer to all contributors to participate in the preparation of a book on lecture notes.

So still quite something to do, though the main work is no finished and we can serenely go into the summer break.

Jochen Langheim, Chairman of CESA 3.0.


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