Easymile : a new company dedicated to autonomous vehicles in France

CESA 3.0 will welcome as a speaker Manuel Chaufrein, from all-new company Easymile. This is a joint-venture between Ligier (non-licensed cars OEM) and Robosoft (expert in software and robotics controls).

Mr Chaufrein will join the panel about "new usage in automation", on december 3rd.

Robosoft has been working in robotics since 1985. The company has a strong know-how and has build autonomous shuttles. One of them has already transported over 1 million people in Vulcania, the resort based in Auvergne region.

Ligier, which knows the automotive industry (from motorsport, including Formula 1, and non-licensed cars today), launched its VIPA project a few years ago. A limited number of these electric and automated shuttles will run inside Michelin's R&D campus in the next months.

The aim of the two partners is to offer autonomous vehicles dedicated to public transport and for short distances. Indeed, the name of the JV, Easymile refers to the last mile.

CESA 3.0 will be an opportunity for the new company to discuss strategy and technology.


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