Automotive Smart Grid : Next generation Vehicle Architecture

CESA 2012 abstract

Automobile system is made of sensors and actuators that have to work in harmony in complex interactions. It can be seen as a networked energy grid that has to distribute energy in an ordered way so that vehicle functions are assured. This new vision, called ASG (Automotive Smart Grid), has been developed and prototyped.
The ASG solutions is based on synchronous parallel processing and distributed intelligence. Each ECU hosts part of, or, the whole functional process in relation to local sensors & actuators. It deals with instant power management functions in relation to its connected actuators. The data communication and exchange between ECUs is done real-time via PLC (Power Line Communication). The ASG implementation has been tested both in labs and on the road within the frame of the YO-mobile Russian project.
This paper will present the ASG solution and its physical architecture. It will explain and discuss the benefits obtained from this « True Mechatronics » architecture, as well as cost figures.

Presented by Philippe Briot (B&A) and Finprom (company from Russia).


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