The range extender gets popular in Geneva

For the second time, an electric vehicle has been elected car of the year in Europe. The Chevrolet Volt and the Opel Ampera have been awarded, one year after the Nissan Leaf.

Is it a coincidence ? Many concepts in Geneva are using a range extender to offer a better autonomy :
- Mercedes B Class E-Cell+
- Infiniti Emerg-e (400 HP with 300 kW electric engine and a 1,2 L gasoline engine from Lotus)
Link :
- Hyundai i.oniq
- Pininfarina Cambiano (range extender with diesel engine)
- Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid
- Rinspeed Dock & Go (with a trailer used as a third on demand axle)

But, it was not the only technology displayed. OEMs showed plug in hybrids (VW Cross Coupé TDI, Volvo D60 D6), gasoline hybrids (Toyota Yaris HSD, BMW Active Hybrid 3), diesel hybrids (new Peugeot 508 Hybrid4, Mercedes E Class 300 Bluetec hybrid) and of course EVs (Renault Zoé, Nissan e-NV 200, Mercedes Vito E Cell).

There is not a single solution for electrification, but a full array of technologies.


  1. I found interesting that despite some "bad" voices critisising the lack of e-mobility all OEMs showed EVs or HEVs close to series definition. That was nothing spectacular, but “just” cars that can be bought. Electromobility is today a fact.

    Concerning Renault I find it quite interesting to benefit from their offer for the use of the ZOE:
    Price of the car:15700 Eur
    Rental of the battery: 75 Eur / month
    I fill my car twice a month and it costs me each time 80 Eur. ZOE is competitive !


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