Connectivity trends @ Geneva

Cars are more and more connected. At Geneva Motor Show, OEMs unveiled new services, such as Renault with R-Link system in the new Zoé. This embedded tablet PC gives access to a world of connected services. By downloading applications from a R-Link store, users will get car oriented services (navigation, location based services). Fifty applications will be available at the launch of R-Link in october. HMI is a state of the art, with voice recognition, touch screen and remote controls on the steering wheel.

Peugeot is offering connected services too on the 208. Thanks to the customer's smartphone, used a modem, and a touch screen, ten applications are available in the car for traffic, gas prices, parking lots and so on. At Geneva Motor Show, some other OEMs (BMW with BMW Apps and BMW Live, Mercedes with COMAND on line) were offering the same connectivity in 3 G.

4 G, also known as LTE (Long Term Evolution) is arriving in the car. This technology was displayed by Delphi Automotive and Sbarro on the F1 for 3 (an astonishing Formula 1 car with three seats). The connectivity on board is as fast as the car itself, with digital content on personal passengers devices. A special antenna is carrying all the services (GPS, GSM, TV) inside.

To conclude, connectivity means personalized services too. Harman was showing NFC applications in Rinspeed' Dock & Go Concept. With a compliant mobile phone, a driver can be recognized by the car and finds his personal settings (seats, radio, navigation, apps) when he gets on board.
Welcome to the connected car...


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