Connectivity trends at Paris Motor Show

This time, the connected car is on he road. At Paris Motor Show, Renault is showing R-Link on board tablet PC (soon available in new Clio and Zoé). Linked to the Internet, this Android based device enables the driver to get up to date informations on traffic, weather forecasts and parking lots available. Renault has created a R-Link Store inspired by the famous App Store.

So does Peugeot with the Connect Apps on the 208. Thanks to a 3G USB stick, a touch screen displays live services, including Michelin features (restaurants, traffic).

Another trend is the presence of the tablet PC, iPad or others. You can find it at rear seat, or in front. The TeRRA concept car from Nissan uses this device as an intelligent key to turn on the car and make it connected.

Another example is given by Orange, the french telecom carrier, which displays on its booth a concept car with two tablet PCs : one for the driver, the other one for the passenger.

On a tablet PC, a smartphone or on board, traffic information is getting live and better each day.

At Nokia, we can see an amazing augmented reality guidance on a smartphone for pedestrians. This feature is called City Lens.

Next, we will discuss safety features.


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