CESA speeds up with a programme meeting

Back to business after holidays... CESA programme committee has set up a meeting today in order to fill the blanks and to discuss in depth about round tables (that will have a lot of speakers). An updated version will be available soon on SIA web site.
Around Jochen Langheim, Chairman of CESA 2012 and from ST, we could see Jérome Perrin (VeDeCom and Renault), Daniel Pfrimmer and Pauline Senis (SIA), Eric Della Vecchia (Bosch), Michel Valette (NXP), Pierre-Yves Geels (AVL), Thierry Seynaeve (ESG France), Andy Toulemonde (Infineon), Igor Demay (PSA), as well as Nelly Dimey (STMicroelectronics).
On phone were Hans-Gerd Krekels (TRW), Gilles Zeppa (Delphi), Khamis Kadiri (PSA) and Emilie Bonnet (SIA).
 For sure, CESA 2012 will be a successful edition with a high level programme.


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