CESA 2012 interview : Marc Duval-Destin (PSA), part two

Marc Duval-Destin is Research and Advanced Engineering VP at PSA Peugeot Citroën. For CESA blog, he talks about automated driving.

"In a few months, our Peugeot 208 will be offering automated park assist. This feature is not that new on the market place. Many other OEMS have implemented that technology that lets the car park by itself, calculating if there is room enough and turning automatically the steering wheel. But, it will be the fist time ever that this equipement will be available on a mass production vehicle.
With EuroNCAP decision, to promote AEB (Automated Emergency Braking systems), the OEMS will integrate more and more sensors to enhance safety. Thanks to cost reduction, radars, cameras or lidar will spread on model series between 2015 and 2020. The technology already enables the car to evaluate the driver concentration with accurate sensors and algorithms.
We are also working on comfort features. A function such as traffic jam assist should give peace of mind to the driver. In slow traffic, he would then have time to make something else and let the car manage the accelerator and the brake, thanks to ACC.
In France, we have a common position with Renault. We would like to avoid expensive technologies and to give the benefit of accident free technologies for a majority of drivers, and not only for high end models. Our vision is to develop car to car communication and to promote a dialogue between the vehicle and the infrastructure. That's why we have created VeDeCom institute in Paris area. Public authorities, pedestrians and drivers should be able to interact for a better mobility".

Next, Marc Duval-Destin will be discussing next gen powertrains.


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