Valeo wants to give access to smartphone services through the central console

Valeo leverages the MirrorLink™ technology to give drivers access to their favorite mobile applications via the dashboard. It lets drivers use the vehicle's on-board control, display and sound systems, thus making the most of the central console, which is wider and more manageable in a car than a smartphone.
Valeo has drawn on the expertise of Nokia’s Qt team to design this interface between vehicle and smartphone. The MirrorLinkTM technology solution, developed by the Car Connectivity Consortium, of which Nokia is a founding member, offers access to phone services and applications from the vehicle's central console. The main advantages of MirrorLinkTM are convenience and ease of use. 

Among its portfolio of driver interface solutions, Valeo is actively developing connected solutions in which smartphone services can be integrated and controlled using the dashboard interface. Users gain access to smartphone applications such as phone, navigation, music, internet radio, weather forecast and real-time traffic information through the in-vehicle display and sound system. Valeo aims to provide users with innovative interfaces, where smartphone services are dynamically and smoothly integrated with the vehicle’ own services. 
For this, Valeo uses the Qt user interface and application framework to create simple, powerful, cross-platform and fluid interfaces. Valeo announces that it has become a core member of the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), an organization driving global innovation for phone-centric car connectivity solutions. By joining the CCC, Valeo will help to accelerate the pace at which these new solutions of using a smartphone in a car with a seamless, safe and effortless user experience can be made available to drivers. This innovation responds to the trend that people want to remain connected to their everyday environment in the best possible conditions, even when in a vehicle.


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